Cuthbert United Methodist Church
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Office Manager

Jimmy Brownlee
Serves as Office Manager and Music Director

The Cuthbert United Methodist Church (CUMC) has truly blessed me.  I left for college in 1967 as a member of CUMC and didn’t move back to Cuthbert until June of 2007—40 years later.  At that time, I was clueless as to what God wanted me to do back in my hometown after living in the New England/New York City area for 20 years (where my late wife was from).  In November 2007, I was offered the secretarial position at CUMC.  Since then, Financial Secretary and general Office Manager were added to my duties.  It turns out that my career skills were extremely helpful here at this wonderful church.  Little did I know in 1967 how happy I’d be here now.  Then in 2008, I became the Music Director, too!  Needless to say, I am now no longer clueless!

My blessings since then include an awesome choir with faithful, dedicated and talented members, along with our accompanist and music planner (and also our Youth Leader!), Kathy Bantz, who is second to none!  After my late wife was called to Glory in 1999, God brought me my greatest blessing.  Elaine Overby Bush’s husband passed away in 2004.  Elaine and I graduated from the same Randolph County High School in 1967.  We were friends then but never dreamed we would marry April 22, 2012!  It obviously took me a LONG time to grow up in God’s eyes in order to allow me to ask Elaine’s hand in marriage.  Since then, our love for each other and for God continues to grow as we strive to be the ministry team He wants us to be.  The challenging part is that she is the Sunday School Director and a very strong faithful member of the First Baptist Church here in Cuthbert!  We attend both churches together whenever we can, but we both believe that God wants us to stay put right now, and that’s what we’re doing until we hear from Him otherwise!

Elaine and I have learned if we just keep God first and foremost in our lives, our love for each other and for God will continue to grow.  I’ve never in my life been happier!  Our combined families now number four children and eight grandchildren!