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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

The Layered Bible Journey

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“The Layered Bible Journey”
A Plan to Fulfill Your Resolution to Read the Bible
It is a sad fact. Many who claim to be “bible-believing” Christians do not actually read the bible. The Layered Bible Journey is a plan Jay Harris has developed to help people read the Bible in a year. Since the Bible is made up of sixty-six books, daily reading assignments are needed to guide your journey. Taking the journey one layer at a time keeps you from getting bogged down and helps you experience the story of God’s love expressed in the life of God’s people.
The first layer takes you at a brisk pace through the books of the Bible that reveal the Bible’s overall plot. The second layer takes you through different books of the bible to help flesh out the stages of the plot you uncovered in the first layer of readings. The third layer repeats the pattern, fleshes out the story even more, and allows you to complete your reading of the bible.
The daily readings are accompanied by brief notes to help you in your journey. The advantages of reading the bible this way are:
  • The stages of the bible’s plot are reinforced throughout the year.
  • The stages give the historical context to help you understand your reading.
  • You don’t have to wait until September to begin reading the New Testament.
  • Every three months in the Old Testament is followed by a month in the New Testament.
  • You will develop an appreciation for how the various kinds of books in the bible enhance the telling of the bible’s overall story.  
May God bless you as you journey through God's Word.
**To create a booklet please follow these simple instructions:
1) Print it out.
2) Copy it on to both sides of eight 8.5X11 pages.
3) Staple in the middle.