Cuthbert United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Food Pantry

Since pastor Ivelisse Quinones has been with the Ministerial Alliance of Randolph County,  The Alliance has been a mission activity dedicated to providing food stuffs to needy individuals and their families. The food bank is located next to the Cuthbert First Baptist Church.
This Food Pantry is a mission activity supported by both local church and non-church organizations.  Financial support for the Food Pantry is through second-level giving from individuals, Sunday School Classes, and supporting churches. 
Food to support the Pantry is donated by each supporting church, area public schools, a local college, public libraries, and support groups in our area.  People like you and me are the main supplier of foods.  Each month over 50 volunteers join in to make this mission a reality.
If you have a caring and sharing heart, discerning powers of observation, attention to detail and good records keeping skills, any and all of these skills can be put to work in the Pantry.
Operating hours for the Food Pantry are as needed.  
To receive assistance from the Food Pantry you will need to bring the following:
  • Yourself and the need that your family has.
For further information, contact Ivelisse Quinones at Cuthbert UMC (229/732-2071) or Cuthbert First Baptist Church (229/732-2801).